Reeflowers Remammonia 85ml

Ammonia spikes often occur in newly set up aquariums due to the nitrogen cycle not yet being established. There are a number of other causes of ammonia spikes including adding too many new fish at once and changes in bacterial colonies due to the use of medications or sudden changes in water conditions. Ammonia spikes can cause serious problems for fish and other aquarium inhabitants and can quickly result in the loss of fish. ReeFlowers RemAmmonia works quickly to eliminate ammonia in aquariums. It can also be used to clean water when setting up new aquariums, before water changes and after medical treatments helping to reduce stress and acclimatise new fish. Removing ammonia also helps to reduce the formation of nitrate and nitrite in aquarium water. It is recommended that 2ml of RemAmmonia is added for every 100 liters of water every day for the first 5 days after setting up a new aquarium. After this 2ml for every 100 liters should be added weekly. In cases involving introduction of harmful substance into water, long-term power-cuts, emergency situations such as ammonia bursts etc., the product may be added in an amount up to 10 ml per 100 lt.
Following drug therapy, add 3 ml of ReeFlowers RemAmmonia per 100 lt daily over a period of one week; during transportation of species, add 1 ml of ReeFlowers RemAmmonia per 10 lt of aquarium water.