Reeflowers Natural Aquasand (0.5 – 1mm) 7kg

ReeFlowers Natural AquaSand is natural and water-insoluble so does not cause any change in gH, kH and pH values. It can be used in every kind of soft water aquarium including Discus aquariums.
It helps to create the optimum environment for nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, helping to clean water.It is not chemically treated and has no synthetic content. Does not contain heavy metal or toxic substances and doesn’t cause any algae. Especially produced for aquarium use. Sand particles are not angular, sharp or keen, therefore does not cause any harm to aquarium inh1abitants.
ÔÇóWater insoluble
ÔÇóDoes not effect pH value
For a faster clarification of water, it’s recommended to be rinsed before use and that ReeFlowers AquaClear is added after its introduction into the aquarium.
10 kg of ReeFlowers Pearl White Sand forms an area approximately 3cm high sand on a 50×50 base.