One of ReeFlowers best kept secrets, EFFECTIVE CONDITIONER!

Water conditioner – Removes Chlorine & Chloramine – Strengthens and protects fish’s mucus membrane

EFFECTIVE CONDITIONER removes chlorine and chloramine along with other toxic elements such as arsenic, cyanide, copper and other heavy metals that may harm aquarium inhabitants.

EFFECTIVE CONDITIONER eliminates these toxic elements in water creating a safer environment for fish and invertebrates.

AquaPlants All Inclusive is a complete fertiliser for increasing plant growth and encouraging glossy leaves.

ReeFlowers AquaPlants All Inclusive is a widely effective product, providing all of the elements that are required in planted aquariums helping to maintain a natural balance.

ReeFlowers Bacteria Feeder is an awesome product for preventing the growth of unwanted algae.

– Increases beneficial bacteria

– Removes nitrate & phosphate

– Cleans water biologically

RemAmmonia removes ammonia and improves water quality.

Ammonia spikes often occur in newly set up aquariums due to the nitrogen cycle not yet being established. There are a number of other causes of ammonia spikes including adding too many new fish at once and changes in bacterial colonies due to the use of medications or sudden changes in water conditions.

ReeFlowers Betta Bonny, contains the elements Betta fish need.

In terms of mineral content, aquarium water is usually less than ideal for fish to live in compared to the water of their natural habitats.