Reeflowers Pure KH 250ml

Reeflowers pure kH is of high purity and is used for increasing carbonate hardness [kH]. It is needed for the growth of coral skeletons, oyster shells, and other similar skeletal organisms. Soft acids formed in aquariums via oxygen breathing and the decomposition of organic material reduce the alkalinity of water. Pure kH helps increase the alkalinity in aquariums, helping to restore pH stability.
ÔÇóIncreases the rate of coral growth
ÔÇóRequired in the formation of coral skeletons
ÔÇópH buffering
The kH consumption rate is different for each aquarium. Before using the product, measure the kH value in the aquarium using a proper test kit. Add up to 5 g per 100 lt until the kH value reaches the desired level. 2.5 gr of Pure kH(1ml Pure kH =~1,2 gr),causes a 1 dkH increase in 100 ltwhen the required levels are reached, then periodic tests should be performed to find consumption amounts and the water should be topped up as required on a daily or weekly basis. The suggested quantity should be dissolved in freshwater and added to the SUMP.
If daily consumption is over 1 dkH, then it is recommended that adding be done using the balling method through a dosing pump.