Reeflowers Aquaplants Ferrous V 500ml

ReeFlowersAquaPlants Ferrous is a highly concentrated chelated iron solution containing a liquid carbon source. It has been specially formulated for aquarium plants and contains a minimum of 20,000 ppm of iron per liter.
Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast. Iron is used in the electron transmission chain found in the chloroplast. This is why it is necessary for the health and continuity of all photosynthetic organisms.
It triggers and promotes plant growth with the carbon source it contains. It is especially instrumental in the production of the pigments found in red leaf aquarium plants and in the production of bright green colors.
ÔÇóVivid red leaves
ÔÇóIncreases chlorophyll production
It is recommended to use a daily dosage of 2 ml per 100 lt in a freshwater aquarium with medium plant density. A 1 ml solution provides a 0.2 ppm increasing in 100 lt. For prolonged use, no more than 4 ml should be used per 100 lt on a weekly basis.
A quarter of the recommended amount should be used in saltwater aquariums containing plants.