Reeflowers Stress Cure 85ml

Reeflowers StressCure is used when new living organism is moved or added to an aquarium or following drug treatments, water changes, or any other condition that may cause fish stress, to relieve stress and help them recover easily. The aloe vera extract it contains strengthens the mucous tissue protecting the fish from external conditions. It accelerates the adaption of living organisms to the aquarium. It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater tanks. The product is not harmful to fish, plants, reef life, benign bacteria or micro- organisms. It does not change the pH level of the aquarium. In cases where fish are likely to be exposed to stressful conditions, such as when catching fish from the tank or introducing a new living organism to the aquarium or when deep cleaning the gravel, it is recommended to add 10 ml per 100 lt.
If living organisms have already been exposed to stressful conditions, then the recommended dosage should be doubled.
It is also recommended to add 2 ml per 100 lt on a weekly basis as a preventive measure.