Facebook competition

We were delighted to have so many entries into our first ever Facebook competition. Entrants sent us a photo of their aquarium that’s been treated with Reeflowers, stating which additives they were. The best one was selected and won £30 worth of Reeflowers products! Here is a selection of the entries we received:




Reeflowers Turtle Fresh

New to the range, Reeflowers Turtle Fresh RemAmmonia 85ml is a specialist solution developed  to clean the pollution caused by freshwater turtle waste. The 85ml solution is fast acting and produces effective results that can be used again and again.

Reeflowers Turtle Fresh RemAmmonia 85ml removes the ammonia released by decaying organic waste. This waste can be toxic for other living organisms within the tank. Turtle Fresh RemAmmonia and it improves water quality.

Reeflowers Turtle Fresh RemAmmonia also helps to clear aquarium water from harmful chemicals following a treatment.


Six Solutions range for Planted Aquaria

Reeflowers’ recently launched Six Solutions is a comprehensive range of products for planted aquaria. AquaPlants Nitrate, Solution I, increases the rate of coral growth and encourages glossy leaves; AquaPlants Phosphate, Solution II, aids healthy root growth, enables blooming and helps seed production; AquaPlants Liquid Carbon, Solution III, increases photosynthesis and growth rates and prevents algae; AquaPlants Potash, Solution IV, prevents tissue loss and encourages glossy leaves; AquaPlants Ferrous, Solution V, promotes vivid red leaves and increases Clorophyll Production and AquaPlants Trace, Solution VI, encourages glossy leaves, increases nutrient utilisation and contains natural elements.

Salt added to Reeflowers range

Caledonia Reef Salt added to Reeflowers’ range.

Reeflowers Caledonia Reef Salt is produced from natural marine salt. I has a special formula for rapid coral growth, contains no additives, has natural minerals and high purity.

Reeflowers Caledonia Reef Salt has maximum natural structure. It contains high level of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Strontium and other elements; these all increase the rate of coral growth and strength of the reef, which is also required in the formation of coral skeltons.

It is produced with the most natural ingredients to have the best solubility and consistency.

It is available in 6.5kg and 22.5kg containers. To find your nearest Reeflowers stockist please click here.