Reeflowers Remorganics

Pheromones and organic substances released by aquatic organisms may harm other aquarium inhabitants. ReeFlowers RemOrganics rids your aquarium water of organic and inorganic harmful waste improving water quality. The solution eliminates ammonia, chlorine and heavy metals. It can also be used to clean water when setting up new aquariums, before water changes and after medical treatments helping to reduce stress and acclimatise new fish. It is recommended that 3ml of RemOrganics is added for every 100 litersof water on a weekly basis (for an average loaded aquarium).
In the case of an emergency such as water contamination, ammonia spikes or long periods of power failure an additional daily amount of 10ml can be added. Following drug therapy, add 3 ml of RemOrganics per 100 lt daily over a period of one week; during transportation of species, add 1 ml of RemOrganics per each 10 lt of aquarium water.