Reeflowers All Elements

ReeFlowers All Elements contains all of the necessary elements required to keep inhabitants of marine and reef aquariums healthy and colourful. Used in conjunction with ReeFlowers kH Blend, the solution provides all of the necessary elements required in a marine aquarium. It’s recommended that “ReeFlowers All Elements” be used in conjunction with “kH Blend”. Add 1ml of All Elements solution for every 2ml of kH Blend used. Addition of 2 ml is recommended per an average-loaded tank of 100 liters. Since the level of consumption varies between aquariums, kH calcium and magnesium consumption levels in long term use should be monitored using periodical tests and amount to be used should specifically be adjusted to aquarium. 10 ml of solution provides an increase of 12 ppm calcium, 2 ppm magnesium and 1 ppm potassium in 100 liters. If the need for 100 liters exceeds 5 ml per day, then a switch to balling method is recommended.