Ionic Balancer

ReeFlowers Ionic Balancer & Trace Elements
provides the ionic stabilizer and trace elements
found in seawater.
Corals, fish and other marine animals require
the trace elements found in natural seawater
to maintain their health. Adding this solution
regularly to reef aquariums will help to keep
aquarium inhabitants healthy and their colours

Ionic Balancer is part of the BallinSet, which also                                                            comprises Calcium Blend, Magnesium Blend &                                                                             kH Blend. Ionic Balancer is available in 250,                                                                             500, 1000 & 3000ml bottles. Please click here to                                                                    find your nearest Reeflowers stockist.


Every aquarium has different trace element
consumption levels. Before using the product,
determine the calcium consumption level of your
aquarium using an appropriate test kit. 1.5 ml of
Ionic Balancer & Trace Elements should be added
for every 1 ppm calcium consumption per
100 litres. If you are using the balling method,
add one scale of Ionic Stabilizer & Trace Element
solution for each scale of Calcium Blend solution.
If the daily consumption level exceeds 10 ml per
100 litres, it is recommended that the solution be
added continually via a dosing pump.

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