Calcium Blend

ReeFlowers Calcium Blend is a high-density ionic
calcium solution that assists in the structural
development of corals, oysters and similar aquarium
inhabitants. Calcium Blend contains a minimum
of 150.000ppm of calcium in each 1 litre bottle.
If other physical and chemical requirements are met,
440-460ppm of calcium in reef aquariums assists
rapid growth of corals and the skeletal structures
of similar aquarium inhabitants.

Every aquarium has a different calcium consumption
level. Before using the product determine the
calcium concentration of your aquarium using
an appropriate test kit. A maximum of 20ml of
solution per 100 litres of water can be added daily
until the optimum calcium level is achieved (1ml of
solution provides 1.5ppm increase in 100 litres of
water). Once the desired level is reached, optimum
consumption can be determined by means of
periodical tests. Solution can then be added daily or
weekly as required. If the daily consumption level
exceeds 5ppm, it is recommended that the solution
be added continually via a dosing pump.

Calcium Blend is available in 250ml, 1000ml & 3000ml                                                    bottles. Please click here to find your nearest Reeflowers stockist.

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