AquaPlants Ferrous – V

ReeFlowers AquaPlants Ferrous is a high-density
chelated ferro solution containing liquid carbon
source. Specially formulated for planted aquariums
1 litre of solution contains a minimum of 20.000ppm
Iron is essential for maintaining the health of
photosynthesising organisms. The carbon source in
the AquaPlants Ferrous solution helps to accelerate
growth and maintain a healthy environment. It also
boosts colours, especially of red-leaved aquarium

It is recommended 2ml of AquaPlants Ferrous be
added for every 100 litres of aquarium water on a
weekly basis (for an average loaded aquarium). 5 ml
of solution provides a 1ppm increase in 100 litres of
water. For long term use no more than 4ml should be
added per 100 litres each week.

Aqua Plants Ferrous is available in 85ml & 250ml bottles.                                                            Please click here to find your nearest Reeflowers stockists.