Reeflowers Discus Trace 250ml

ReeFlower Discus Trace contains elements required by South American fish and Discus species. Water used in aquariums may be insufficient to keep Discus and South American fish healthy. The lack of minerals which are found in the fishes natural habitat can lead to colours becoming dull, inhibition of breeding activities and reduction in skeletal and scale development. ReeFlowers Discus Trace provides the elements required by South American and Discus fish creating a healthier environment and boosting fish’s vitality. This product can be used for all South American species. It is recommended that 3ml be added for every 100 liters on a weekly basis for average loaded aquariums.Average dosages are determined based on the assumption that water is changed regularly.The water you use may vary so the gH value of the aquarium should be checked on a regular basis. It is recommended that the gH value be kept below 8 dgH for Discus aquariums. 60 ml solution increases the gH value of 100 liters of water by 1 dgH.