Portfolio Category: Sea Salts

Caledonia Mineral Salt

• PRODUCED FROM NATURAL MARINE SALT • SPECIAL FORMULA FOR RAPID CORAL GROWTH • CONTAINS NO ADDITIVES • NATURAL MINERALS • HIGH PURITY • ALL IN ONE ReeFlowers Caledonia Mineral Salt is produced in conformity with the average consumption of aquatics. There is at least 360.000 ppm (20.000 dkH) CO3, 120.000 ppm calcium, 20.000 ppm magnesium, and 10.000…
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Caledonia Sea Water

• ACCELERATES THE FORMATION OF THE NITROGEN CYCLE • PRODUCED IN CONFORMITY WITH THE NATURAL MINERAL LEVELS IN OCEANS • NATURAL MINERALS Reeflowers Caledonia Sea Water is treated sea water free of organisms that could cause problems in aquariums. It does not contain any additives and has been enriched with highly purifies minerals to achieve the closest possible match to…
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